I've been featured!

I was....


My first feature! I'm so excited!! Check it out here. 

Thanks to Jessica at A Few of My Favorite Things, this really made my day :-) 

And I also want to thank YOU! 
Yes, you. 
If you're reading this, thank you. 
If you're a follower, thank you. 

I was so hesitant to start this blog, and after a few weeks I wanted to quit because I felt like my "creations" were not as unique or well done as all the rest of you crafty ladies out there. But after talking with KHo and SP, I realized that I'm here because I love what I'm doing and want to be a part of this awesome community. 

So, to all my followers and readers...

for giving me the confidence to do what makes me smile, even if it's not always perfect.

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  1. Congrats on being featured, that's awesome!!
    I am a new follower. I hope you have a great weekend :)


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