Hail to the Queen

Let me just start by saying that my little sister is awesome. She's both a fantastic athlete and a great student...a balance not easily managed. I'm super proud of her and hope she knows how much she is loved! 

That said, I'm going to do a little more sisterly bragging! 

Can you guess what it is?? 

The sky looks amazing, doesn't it? Luckily it didn't rain at all!

The Nominees opening their roses to see who got the *winning* rose.

You guessed it! Sissy won!! Woohoo!

The Queen taking her victory lap in a fun car! 
(It's there, just got cropped out for the driver's privacy, just like the blur on her sash)

I am one proud (wind-blown) big sister! 
Congratulations to our Homecoming Queen!

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