Contact Paper Lettering and My Happy Place

It's official. I wish I had a Cricut...or a Silhouette...or a little monkey to cut out all my little letters for me. But sadly, I don't have any of those things. 

{Christmas is coming though...right?}

{Please don't buy me a monkey...} 

In the olden days, like the beginning of this year, I printed out letters, cut them out, traced them on to whatever paper I wanted, and then cut those out. THEN I "mod podged" (Yes, it can be a verb) them onto the desired project. Well, no more! (Actually, yeah, I will probably still do that when I want a patterned letter. Whatever) 

Since that time, I have discovered the beauty of contact paper! I just put a sheet in my printer, so the ink prints on the "wrong side," cut it out, and stick it on! SO EASY! Just remember to reverse your image or you'll be sorry!


Oh, the places you'll go! 

This is the wall in our hallway. I needed something that was going to be fairly flat against the wall because it is a narrow space..and this fit perfectly! Plus, it doesn't go with anything else in the entire place, so being in the hallway is kind of nice. 

Basically, I wanted a wall to represent some of our favorite things, places, vacations, etc. But, I didn't want people in them. Just things. So here's what I came up with! And Dr. Seuss, well, he just said it best, so clearly I had to quote him! (How about that "vinyl" work??)

Wanna see some of my photos up close? These were all taken with a simple point and shoot and I'm learning, so don't judge my skills...just look at the beauty of Creation! 

 This was a flower I found as I was leaving the Bahamas where a team from my church was serving for the week. I'll blog about that soon, because it was an amazing experience! 

This is a photo from our first Bed and Breakfast experience on Martha's Vineyard. Hopefully, this will be something we do often in our marriage. It was an awesome trip. 

Ok, ok. I know I said no people, but I just adore this photo. KHo took this one of us and it always reminds me to slow down and try to enjoy moments that may not seem "enjoyable" at the time. I was struggling with a few really tough grad classes when this photo was taken, and in the midst of all that stress and many {many} tears, we share a quiet moment of contentment.

 I took this photo at work one day last Spring...however, it reminds me of fall, which is my absolute favorite time of the year. SO regardless of the season in which it was actually taken, I love this picture.

Ah, and this beauty. This is in Mexico. For our honeymoon, SP and I went on a cruise to several Central American countries and one of the stops was this gorgeous resort. I could have stayed here forever for the rest of the trip. Uhh-mazing.

This photo is also from Martha's Vineyard...but I just like it a lot, so it made it on the wall. :-)

 I hope you enjoyed your mini-vacation through my "happy place"
Come back soon! 


  1. love the rocking chair picture! so glad i have a vinyl cutter tho! ;) new follower from sassy sites! happy friday!

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment over on my blog. I wanted to drop by and say hello back, and I am glad I did. I love the contact paper idea! I am not fortunate to have a Cricut or a Silhouette either :(. But your idea is genius! I also love your photography. What a lovely project.

  3. So clever and creative. Well done! I don't have the machines or the budget for them either, and your solution is both thrifty and smart. Love you wall display!

  4. Your contact paper idea is genius! I, too, have done the 'mod-podging' technique since I don't have a cricut, but the contact paper seems easier!


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