Framed Silhouettes

Anyone else sick of this cold weather? I love snow...LOVE it, but I wish it could be 50 and snowing. That would be ideal :-)

(All you warm weather bloggers, soak up some sun for me!)

I have been working diligently on Valentine's day crafts, but unfortunately I don't have any to share just yet. Soon though! 

Wow, I'm all over the place tonight, can you tell I'm ready for bed?! Why do I wait until 11pm to start a post? Arg. New Year's resolution? Perhaps. I know I said I wasn't going to make one, but maybe I need to reconsider. 

Ok, I'll do it. From now on (at least for the rest of the week) I will write at a reasonable hour. 

The End.

Yeah, we'll see. 
Old habits die hard. Right? 
I'm doomed. hehe

Moving on........

I think it's official, I'm addicted to silhouettes. They are just so darn precious! Am I right?
Here are two framed silhouettes I made as a Christmas gift. The mommy of these little boys loved them! She even dug out two old silhouettes of her father and husband as children to display with mine.

This isn't my house, but I love her old books. She has them all over and they all have a story.
Love. Love. Love

Check out some older, but equally as adorable, silhouette projects...

A Present for a Princess
Hand in Hand
Beetle Silhouette Shirt


  1. So cute! Silhouettes are great. I have no kiddos yet but can't wait to make some of these once I do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I saw you link to "A Glimpse Inside" and your silhouettes turned out so cute!


  3. How lovely! The frames and placement are perfect. Great job!


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