Whirley Pop and Countertops

Look what my awesome hubby did for me! 

I have been complaining that I don't have enough counter space, but because we are renting, we can't really do anything too permanent. He added this little table in the corner of the kitchen and it gives me just enough space that I don't feel like I'm going crazy every time I make dinner. When I came home from work, this is what I found!

We had talked about getting a small island so it would be strong enough to hold heavy things, but there just wasn't enough room. Plus the only ones I liked were more than I wanted to spend on a pretty frivolous purchase. Well, not only is this thing really sturdy, but apparently Pete is super thrify too! It only cost him $10 for all the supplies...that's a cost I can get on board with!

Our counters and appliances are black, so it matches well. I am thinking of making a short ruffle to go around the edge that would match my coffee curtains. I haven't decided yet...though it will probably be based on how much fabric I have left, since I bought it 2 years ago. But I'll be sure to post pictures if I make something!

(I didn't know I could get so excited over a counter!)

And since I'm on the topic of what a wonderful husband I have, look at one of my Christmas presents..
 Whirley Pop! 

Yay for freshly popped, healthy popcorn! 
It only takes a 3/4 - 1tsp of oil for a ton of popcorn, how awesome is that?! 

What a great Friday night. 

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  1. I love the side table your husband made. What an awesome idea!


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