A Guilt Free Indulgence

Good morning, friends! 
How are you this snowy day? 

I just wanted to thank you all for the kind thoughts and words on my last post. We are still mourning the loss of our sweet Holly, but feel blessed to have been her family. 

I am seriously behind on posts and hope to get back on track this weekend...so for now, check out my new favorite (light) treat! 

Deep Chocolate Vitatops with Fat-Free Whipped Cream! 

I was so hesitant to try Vitatops, thinking they would be gross...but Hungry Girl swears by them, so I had to give it a try! They are a little expensive, but look of for online coupons, they exist! (Hungry Girl puts them in her newsletters sometimes) You can also get them on amazon a little cheaper.

Boy am I glad I tried them!! 
I'm hooked! 

(Maybe I should send them this post and get a free box or something! hehe)

At first, I was eating them plain. But then I discovered what a little dollop of Fat-Free Whipped Cream could do...I'll never go back.

The already delicious Vitatop turns into a super fudgy, I-Cannot-Believe-This-Isn't-Bad-For-Me kind of snack!

Try it, I dare you. 

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