Rainbow Jello

So from the looks of it outside, tomorrow is going to be a snow day for many of us on the east coast!

Need an idea for a cute project for the kiddies? 

 I made this recently with a 5 year old and a 3 year old and they loved it! (Making and eating)
It was super simple, we just made the jello put it in a 9x13 and let it set. Made the next color, added it on, and so forth. I used the "speed set" method, which as you can see, doesn't hold up as well as the "jigglers" would, but the speed factor is important when you're working with preschoolers. The speed set gave enough structure that you could see the individual layers without having to wait 3-4 hours or whatever it is in the middle. Win-win.

Check out those colors, cool right? (Orange and yellow seemed to blend together, so you can opt out of orange if you want to cut down on time!) I didn't have any purple jello...do they even make that?!

Next time I want to try it in individual glass bowls or a trifle dish! So pretty :-)

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