Silhouette-Hand in Hand

I have wanted to put together a craft blog for some time now, thanks to the inspiration I got from following Disney on Ruffles and Stuff. If you haven't already, you need to visit her and her adorable little girl to see all that they have done! She is so talented and I hope she decides to post again!! 

A few months ago, I saw this tutorial on her page and wanted to try it out for a little girl in our church. I found a sweet profile shot of this little cutie and made a little wall hanging for her bedroom. It worked so well, (though I didn't remember to take a picture!! grrr!) that I went a bit silhouette crazy! You can ask SP, there were scraps of black paper and half cut pictures all over my craft table for days! (Ok, ok...maybe more than just on my craft table. hehe)

At some point, I became bored of traditional I found this adorable photo of KHo and her bf, and decided it was the perfect photo to attempt a more difficult silhouette. 

And here's how it came out...

KHo looks a bit like Mulan, but hey, I'm learning! :-) 

"Love is walking hand in hand." - Charles M. Schulz


  1. Mulan....:)

    I think it's super cool.

  2. I love it! Such a fresh take on the silhouette!


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