Burberry, I mean Birthday Day cake

My Mom. 

Anyone that knows her will tell you that she is one amazing lady.  She is patient, kind, loving, and oh so funny when she is in a silly mood. I am so lucky to have her and hope to one day be half as good of a mother as she is! 

So for Mom's special day, I decided I wanted to make her a cake that is a little out of the ordinary. I tried to think of what my mom loves more than anything (aside from her family, that is) and the first thing I thought of was her 4th baby...

Well, I'm certainly not talented enough to make a Patrick cake...plus, it could never be as cute! Instead, I thought I would make a Burberry cake. Mom really likes the Burberry pattern, so I decided to make a purse with a few accessories. 

Here's what I came up with. 

(I'm still learning, so be kind!)

You like it? I think it's pretty cute, no? The cake is dark chocolate with a hazelnut cream filling. 

Super Yum.

These pictures are not wonderful...the cake did turn out a bit more green than tan...but not quite as green as it seems here. (Try, try again...right?!)

Mom liked her accessories though...

Hehehe, Happy Birthday to a wonderful Mother and friend. Love you lots! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


    I Love You Too!!!
    Thank you for the beautiful and yummy cake! It was perfect!
    You are so talented. You must get that from me :)

  2. Very creative!
    Every word you said about your mom is true!

  3. The cake and "accessories" were beautiful and the cake tasted as good as it looked! Happy Birthday again to your special Mom... and keep up the fantastic work... every project you've done has been so creative! You're a special young lady! Love you! Aunt Brenda


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