Chocolate Fondue Birthdays!

This weekend I was able to celebrate a few birthdays with friends, which was a really nice (surprise) treat! We decided to go to The Melting Pot for dessert, since none of us had ever been there. Well, what an awesome place!! They had an overwhelming selection of chocolate fondue, but we managed to narrow it down to two....Bananas Foster (white chocolate with caramel and sliced bananas) and dark chocolate with a shot of Kahlua. Y.U.M. 

When they brought the chocolate to the table, they lit it on fire to caramelize the top...

The birthday girls! (I just love their faces in this one!)

Then, once the chocolate was ready, they brought out a few trays of fun things like marshmallows, fruit, and cakes of all kinds. Clearly they should rename this place Heaven

The scrumptious plate of dip-ables...AH-mazing. 

We had a really great night catching up, since it has been sooo long since we have seen one another.  

Birthday's are fun :-) 

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