I love a good challenge

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I know we did! It was so wonderful to spend time with family and relax in our new place! We are finally coming to the home stretch for unpacking and decorating...boy does it feel awesome! I finished painting the bathroom and kitchen this week and started hanging things on the walls just before our families came for the weekend. Phew! 

Once again I was faced with the issue of space that was way too large for my decorative abilities as I finished up with the hall bathroom. The shower curtain I picked out, though I think it is adorable, is rather loud for my usual taste. It's not a huge room, so I needed something large, but simple, to fill the space behind the door. I have been seeing the hanging picture frames around the internet recently and though it might be a perfect solution! Well, would you believe that these trapeze frames can go for up to $217?! You can purchase this one from Target for $199.
Product Image Hanging Collage Frames with Decorative Iron Rod
Well, needless to say, seeing such a price tag was an immediate challenge. After raiding my craft boxes, most of which are (sadly) still packed away from the move, I discover most of the necessary supplies.

What I used:

1- curtain rod
3 - picture frames
1 - spool of ribbon, I used 1/2 inch teal satin
and, of course, hot glue

First, I determined where I wanted the curtain rod to hang so I could measure my ribbon. 

Then, I cut the ribbon to the proper length and hot glued it to the back of the frame. With another piece of ribbon, I made a smaller loop and strung it through the larger one, allowing the frame to hang facing forward. Put a dot of hot glue on the ribbon and that's it! Just place your frames on the rod in the order you like best and you're done! 


The first picture I chose was taken by my hubs on Martha's Vineyard. The second (I cannot remember where I stole found it) is of a dock at Camp Koinonia. And I took the third at Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in Missouri. 

See the shower curtain? Cute, right? I'm so into teal right now.

Moral of the story?

Wingledings: 1
Store Selling Overpriced Trapeze Frames: 0


  1. it would be interesting to do that with digital picture frames the real trick would be hiding all the cables

  2. Smart solution and it saved you money! Win win! Okay, I've been all over your blog, gotta be a follower now. Love the teal, too. And hey, I have a spot behind my bathroom door that cries out for this. Thanks for the post!

  3. Love the teal ribbons and the black frames...they look so sharp together!

    Great creation, love it, and love that it's personal!

  4. Great idea... I love outsmarting the retailers...muay-ha-ha
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love yours!!! I love how you did the ribbon.. so cute! I think I might re do mine! Loveeee it!

    - Michelle @ Bunch Of Craft


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