Once Upon a Bouquet

This is the story of a girl who adores books and loves shopping...two reasons why she should never (ever) be allowed to visit a book sale...at least not in the near future. ;-)

As I unpacked our books during our most recent move, I noticed many titles I had purchased at book sales thinking I would read them (or just because I loved the $.25  price tag), but never got around to actually reading a single one. I put together a box to be donated, a box for a few teacher friends, and the rest went into my craft bin to collect dust for future projects.

The book used in this project, however, I actually read...I just didn't like it, so it seemed like an ideal candidate for my latest experiment. I think this book should feel honored to have such a position on the shelf. The envy of all its friends, I'm sure.

Wanna try?!

Here's what you need:

- A few pages of a book (you may want to make sure that all the words are appropriate for display)
- Glass Vase (I found mine at A.C. Moore for less than $1) 
- Mod Podge and brush

The first thing I did was tear my paper into smaller pieces. I used my hands because I like the way the jagged edges look, rather than the straight lines of scissors. 

Then put a coat of Mod Podge on your vase, working one side at a time so it doesn't dry before you can get the paper on. 

Begin to stick papers all over the vase, until all the glass is covered. I stopped taking pictures at this point because my hands were sticky  :-)  When the vase is covered, put another coat of Mod Podge over the papers to seal them together. Let it dry. 

Look what you made! Fun, huh??  Next time I want to use a little distressing ink to make it look a bit vintage.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. SO cute! I just posted about "book paging" some organizer boxes and a glass dish. Come on over. I love the clean look of this little vase, the pages make it so much more interesting! The bright branches are the perfect choice.

  2. Very nice! Thanks for checking out my toilet paper Pumpkins over at A Little Bit of Everything! :)

  3. This turnd out super cute... I love all the things that are being done with books.
    Have a great weekend.


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