Tasty treats fit for a Princess!

Last weekend, a very special Birthday Princess turned (believe it or not!) TWO! For weeks, her sweet Mommy planned a luau bash to celebrate and did a fantastic job of creating a Hawaiian oasis for all the guests! It was my pleasure to make a tasty treat or two to share, in hopes of a Birthday Girl Hug...In the end, I didn't get my hug, but we've worked up to the "high five." Hey, it's progress. :-)

Life's a beach, no? I cannot take credit for the windsurfer, that was all SP. Oh and you would not believe how difficult it is to find cocktail umbrellas in August! Sheesh! I went to more stores than I care to admit, but it all worked out in the end. These Teddy Bears had the time of their lives catching some rays...and some waves. They even had time for a little volley ball. The little lady under the umbrella...now there's a bear after my own heart. Love it. 

I was so pleased to see that this one seemed to be a hit! When they brought it down the stairs from the house to put it on the dessert table, some one turned to me and said "Oh, how lovely!" I looked up to say thank you and saw that all the chocolate covered strawberries had been eaten before it hit the table! hehe. Guess I know what to make more of the next time! So glad everyone liked it! 

And every Birthday Princess needs gifts all in pink! I got the idea for the hook from Posh Pieces, here. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I saw the silhouette! I'm really happy with the way these turned out! Oh pink and brown...you are a match made in heaven! And the best part is that Avra's room was just redecorated in a Tinker Bell theme so her gifts will match! Yippy!

I hope to put together a few tutorials soon, but I need to start remembering to take pictures when I am in the process...not just of the final products! Live and learn!

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon :-) 


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  2. So Cute!! I love those treats!


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