National Cupcake Day!

On the way to work today I heard on the radio that it is National Cupcake Day! JOY! What could make for a better day than that? As I allowed myself to daydream about all the types of cupcakes I could make today, I was snapped back into reality when I remembered that I was on my way to work and therefore would not get to make any sweet treats. Silly adulthood getting in the way of my fun! So instead, I decided to dig up something out of the archives to share with you in celebration of this yummy day! So here goes...

This is a project I did at the beginning of the year and not only was it a super delicious idea, but educational to boot! I'm sure lots of people have done this one before, but I still thought I would share my experience! Basically, I made a boxed vanilla cake mix (fancy fancy, I know), divided it into 6 bowls and made three of them into the primary colors with food (gel) coloring. I talked to the kids about primary and secondary colors, showing them the color wheel and all...but for some reason they were eager for me to get on with it...hmmm. They weren't even very interested in my song!

Pretty, right?! After we mixed all the colors and I felt like they got the basic concept, we used spoons to glob the batter into muffin tins. And yes, glob is a technical term :-)  The older kids liked to layer, making rainbows and patterns, but the younger kids enjoyed a more tie-dye-ish effect.

Mmm mmm good! Abby was very upset that we did not make pink batter, so we made pink icing instead. A good compromise, I'd say. This is an awesome rainy day activity...or a sunny day...or snowy. Heck, cupcakes are good anytime, I won't discriminate.

I wonder what special day tomorrow will bring?!

Happy baking! And happy National Cupcake Day!

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  1. Your frosting job is so pretty! I love the rainbows, so much fun!



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