Farewell to Fall

I know that Fall doesn't really end just yet...but personally, I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit, so I'm saying goodbye a bit early!

Hopefully you haven't had the crazy amount of rain that we have over the past few days! It has seriously been POURING for two days straight and the wind...oh my!

Before this nastiness started, we were lucky enough to get to play a game as a "Final Farewell" to the pumpkins! I gathered up a few little friends (they are 3 & 6) and we played a game of....

"I Spy A Pumpkin" 
 (Isn't that an awesome pumpkin?!)

Basically, we just hid the pumpkins (at least the ones that made it this far) while the kids were inside then let them go crazy "spying" them all over the yard. Some we're rather obvious...

While others were more difficult!

It may not have been the most creative game in the world, but they loved it! And it was a nice way to transition them out to the trash cans. 

I'm sad to see the beautiful Autumn season go, but thrilled to welcome Winter and Christmas into our home once again! 

Come visit me again tomorrow for a light, but extra tasty treat! 
Thanks for stopping by!

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