Anthro Inspired Candle Holder

Isn't it amazing how quickly Monday morning rolls around?! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did :-) I have lots of pictures to share, soon!

Sadly, I haven't had a lot of crafting time this week outside of Christmas gifts..I think December is just going to be that way. But once Christmas is over, I can show you all the things I'm working on. (Just in case a recipient is reading!) 

However, I can show you this Anthropologie Inspired Candle Holder I made last night.

Cute, right? I first saw this on Under the Table and Dreaming and when I came across the Anthro version online, I had to give it a try.

Here's the real deal...
It was really easy, try it! All I did was cut off the sleeves, used the two ends with the cuffs for the small vases and the upper arm for the large one. I hot glued the ends under to make a small cuff, just so that it didn't come apart. It only took about 15 minutes to make all of them and they will certainly add a cozy feel to my Christmas decorations!

I loved the way the knit looked on the vase, but it was just a little "blah" so I cut off the buttons and added them too :-)

I like them a lot better now! I just have to find a place for them in all the Christmas decor. I also added a flameless candle..but I only had one that wasn't being used somewhere else, so I have to get more.

Love it! And the best part is that all three were free! I had the glass vases and sweater in my stash just waiting to become beautiful...though I suppose I will have to but the candles, but hey, close to free is good enough sometimes! :-)

Thanks for visiting :-)


  1. Super cute!!

    Come enter my linky party as well as the current giveaways!!


  2. Really, really cute! I think I could actually make those! Thanks for sharing. I just started a link party on Wednesdays called Waking Wednesdays, and I'd love for you to share! ~ Megan from Wakinglucia.blogspot.com

  3. Those are even better then the one's that inspired you! I love them, and think that it's time to cut up the two old, way to small for me, sweaters that I've been holding onto.

  4. Cute, cute!! I love the added buttons!
    thanks for linking these up as well!

  5. Oh wow, that's a great idea and they turned out really cute, even better than the commercial ones. I hear you on not being able to do much crafting outside of getting everything together for Christmas gifts. It's time intensive, but rewarding to know that you're giving items that are unique and made especially for your loved ones.

    (found you through the Sassy Sites blog hop. http://vagabondcarnival.blogspot.com/ )

  6. Your candles look so cozy - nice job!

  7. I am stopping by from the Tidy Mom link party. :) This is so cute! I love the added buttons!

  8. These are so neat. Oh why don't I have any old sweather laying around that I could do this with?
    Thanks for sharing at Holly Bloggy.

  9. Those are really cute! Stopping by from TT&J

  10. The buttons are a great touch ... very cute!

  11. Those are very pretty, even better than the inspiration one in my opinion!

  12. That's so cute. Adorable! I love this idea! Great job.


  13. Great idea! I even have a sweater in my castoff stash that looks like it matches the one you used!

  14. I found you on Tater Tots and Jello! I am loving your blog, I saw it before, but now I am hooked! I would like to invite you to my $50 American Express giveaway and a linky party I have, all going on this week! Happy Holidays! Keep up the great blogging!
    -Dana Jean



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