Spring is Coming!

When I pulled into work on Friday, I was greeted by these little beauties poking up through the rocks and freshly fallen snow. I couldn't help but snap a shot with my cell phone. There was something so pure, so peaceful about these flowers. I immediately thought of a song by Steven Curtis Chapman called "Spring is Coming." Google it, it's amazing. The whole album is just wonderful, though very sad.

My second thought was: "I'm so done with snow." I think I have gotten to the point where I want Spring to be here so I that I am ignoring the cold and moving on. I have a pitcher of iced coffee in my fridge, put away all my sweaters, and pulled out my cute flats!

Now we just need some warm weather so I don't freeze in my adorable shoes!  hehe

Now these are probably a little more "Summery" than I was planning, but I like the way they came out. I'm trying to practice making jewelry recently...this is a set I sent to a lovely reader! I hope she liked them :-) 

Just looking at them makes me want to throw on some flip flops!


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