"Screen Printing" T-Shirts

I'm sure many of you have seen this before, but I adore freezer paper stencils. They are SO easy and always (well, almost always) come out looking like a screen printed Tee. I've been challenging myself lately and trying some stencils with tiny details...I'm not there yet, but getting better with each one! My biggest issue is my lack of patience! I can't wait for the paint to dry between coats because I just want to see how it looks! haha I'm terrible, I know. 

I tried something new with these...contact paper! I just fed it into my Silhouette and let it do it's thing! Then I peeled off the backing and stuck it on the shirt where it needed to be. It worked really well and I didn't have to break out the iron.  I had tried it before, but it was a really simple pattern so I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Well, both methods are awesome. You need to try it!

I made these for the little boy I watch. He's super into Star Wars right now.

Oh, and Angry Birds..haha

I had some issues with the Angry Birds face.
You know what they say...curiosity killed the, ummm, bird ;-)


  1. Cute! I still have a stack of shirts I need to freezer paper up, I'll probably finish once he's like 5 sizes too big hahaha! I <3 the darth vader one :)

  2. Cute! :) Waiting for the paint to dry is my biggest challenge with freezer paper stenciling too! I just get too excited to see the final product! Ha! :)

  3. Waiting for the cat as my biggest problem with freezing paper stencil as well. I just got too excited to see the final product, HA!
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