Countdown Muffin Tin

The parents of the kids I watch went to Paris for a few days and I wanted to do a countdown project with them to help me them through the week. 

I didn't have much to work with and between camps, classes, and playdates we never seemed to find the time to go to a craft store...so we made due. It may not be the cutest thing ever made, but it certainly did the job and the kids had fun making/using it. They helped make the actual "calendar" then I sent them out of the room to fill it so they would have a surprise a day until their Mom and Dad came home. I loved watching them work together to pick out the papers, cut them to the size, and the older one did a great job with the numbering.


So in every cubby, I put a note for each child and a little treat. Before their parents left, I had them write a note a day for each boy, just telling them something about where they would be on the trip or giving suggestions to combat the "I'm Bored" summer phenomenon.

(Yes that is a Dora bracelet, the little guy LOVES Dora..and jewelry.)

The kids couldn't wait to take off a number each day and see what Mommy and Daddy had to say, as well as what little toy or candy they would find. Next time I will plan ahead and get cute papers, or magnetic paper even...though I don't think the boys will know the difference. :)

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