Pokemon Cookies

Anyone else feeling like they are ready for Spring to just be here already? I can almost taste that First Day of Spring Rita's Water Ice (And the best part is it's free!)

If you don't have a Rita's near you...I hope you have something similar, because I think a world without water ice would be very sad indeed. (Or Italian Ice if you are of the NJ/NY variety..hehe)

I have been super excited lately for the warm weather to stick so I can plant a few things in my soon-to-be-adorable-but-ridiculously-tiny-garden. I have already picked out seeds to grow a pumpkin to carve in October! The problem is, I'm a TERRIBLE gardener. Plants kill themselves at the thought of me taking care of them. Seriously, I stink at it. But this year I am trying new things, and gardening is going to be one of them. (If I can call a 3x4 plot of dirt in the back of a rental unit a garden, that is.)

But it will be cute, and it will be mine, and it will be filled with fake flowers come July if I fail. ;-)

So lately, I have been working on bits and pieces of a billion projects...but not really finishing any of them. It's a habit I'm trying to break, but for now, I have a few that will be ready to share soon. I hope.

I do have one sweet thing to share today though! The little boy I watch during the week LOVES Pokemon. He celebrated his birthday a few days ago and asked me to make him some Pokemon cookies to bring to school. Now, I've never really worked with royal icing in the past, but I figured, there's a first for everything...so why not?

He really liked them. They looked just like he had hoped, which was good because I wasn't sure how I felt about them at first. I think that after talking with a few people who have worked with royal icing, I am pleased with my first attempt...but hope to get less wiggly with time and practice. My piping is becoming more consistent, but I need to work on that. 


All in all, I really enjoyed working with this icing. It was pretty easy to make, color, and fill the bags...and certainly easier to clean up than buttercream! I will share my progress with my next batch of fun!

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  1. LOL- my son is 14 and has been a Pokemaniac (we made that word up when he was 6) since he was 5. He would LOVE these! I may have to surprise him. Thanks for the idea


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