Homemade Pasta

 I love pasta. 

LOVE love it. 
Ever since middle school home economics, I have wanted to try my hand at making homemade pasta...but never got around to it. I found this recipe on Songbirdtiff and decided to give it a go. Boy, am I glad I did!! So far, we've had some in soup, some with different sauces, and frozen a bunch for later. 


It's a super easy recipe and doesn't take that much time to make. The only thing is the pasta has to dry for about 30 minutes, so be sure to leave enough time for that. 

Homemade Pasta

2 eggs, beaten
2 tbsp milk
1 cup flour
2 tsp baking powder
dash of salt

Combine all ingredients. Roll flat with a rolling pin, adding extra flour as needed. When rolled thin, cut into very thin strips. Let dry approximately 30 minutes.


Since I don't have a drying rack, I tied some thread from my microwave to a cabinet hinge.  It didn't look pretty, but it certainly did the job and didn't cost a cent. Win. Win.


  1. Looks great! I've made homemade egg noodles, and they were SO much better than store-bought. I'll have to try your recipe. Come link up at Ninth Street Notions sometime.

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I've never made my own pasta but would love to try. Maybe I will now. Thanks for linking this up as well.

  3. how cute to have the pasta hanging in the kitchen! :)
    I love blogging, don't you? so much fun!


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