My cousin's little girl absolutely loves playing with make up. Last year, the Easter Bunny brought her some plastic play cosmetics, but little Avery wasn't buying it. She knew they were fake, and wanted the real deal! Smart girl! Well, I had seen a post on Playing House about making realistic fake eye shadow and decided to give it a try. 

So I had one of these laying around...ok, ok I have a ton of them.

I thought it would be perfect because it was mostly black and I could personalize it when it was all done. The first thing I did was clean out the old eyeshadow. 

 After I got it all out, I rinsed the compact with soap and water, and I was left with a nice blank canvas.


 Next, I used the metal to outline the piece of foam to be cut. I used adhesive backed foam, just for convenience...but you could certainly use regular foam and glue. 

I cut out several different colors and glued them in to the empty spaces. It came out pretty darn cute! And I think the little one approved!

Come back tomorrow to see how I did the nail polish!  


  1. Ooh Jacqueline! These look great! My girls would LOVE to play with this very-real-looking-play-makeup! :) Thanks for sharing! :) Michelle

  2. Super cool!!! Love the colors you picked and it really looks authentic -nice job

  3. what a clever idea! I might just make this for my own princess! thanks for sharing!

  4. This has got to be the cutest idea I have ever seen I have to do this when I have a girl thank you for sharing and I pinned it so even more people can find it :) Come and say hi, enter my giveaway and vote for my picture. Thanks so much

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