Pretty Pink Piggies

When I finished my faux make up from my last post...which I have to say is super addicting to make, I decided to try some other ideas that had been floating around my crazy brain recently. Some of them worked, others didn't. This one turned out so awesome!

Too bad I forgot to take a final photo! haha Oh well. My lovely cousin was kind enough to send some my way, thanks cuz! :-) 

So to make my fake nail polish, I started with a pre-bling-ified bottle of polish I was never going to use again. Pretty, but not for me. 


I emptied the bottle in the trash to get the bulk of the polish out, and then poured a little nail polish remover inside. Within a few swishes, it was almost done! Cool beans. 


Now take off all the stickers...you may need a little Goo Gone. I just used some nail polish remover, worked like a charm. I forgot by the end, but I wanted to put her little initial on the top of the brush. That would have been cute. Oh well. Next time.

 Ahh, nice and clean. Now to choose a color...

For this girlie girl, nothing but pink will do. She is sparkles and glitter to the core. I knew I loved this girl from the start. :-) For the brush, I used puffy paint...just globbed it on and smoothed it out. Nothing fancy.

Now, this is the part I don't have a picture of, but you can kind of see it in the one below...I wanted the bottle itself to be pink as well so I put a few drops of pink acrylic paint inside and shook it up. It looked awesome, very realistic. I let it dry for a few weeks (read: I put it on the window sill and forgot about it once I closed the curtain) but it was still wet inside!! Seriously?! I guess they make the glass so the polish doesn't stick to it..I'm not sure why I thought the paint would work. So plan B. Easter grass! I took each piece and individually stuffed it into the tiny opening until it was a nice color. It worked really well and there was enough color that you knew what it was supposed to be.

Here's the little set. I'm really happy with how it came out...and I think she is too!


  1. What a great gift idea! Love it!

  2. so cute! I am sure she loves it! thanks for linking up!


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