NY&C Inspired Jersey Cowl

This past weekend SP and I went down the mall for lunch and to get his hair cut. While I was waiting, I decided to look around New York & Company...one of my favorite stores.  I happened upon this scarf...and fell in love.

Sparkle Pin Eternity Scarf

I know it's nothing special, but I think that's what I liked most about it. It has a cute little gemmy that can be taken off for casual wear and added on again when I want to dress up a bit. 

Well, I was all set to get this baby when I noticed that it was $24.99. Well now, I know that's not an outlandish price, but I was certainly not willing to pay that much for so little fabric! 

What's the solution? Make it, of course! 

Here's the problem. I'm not really very good at sewing. I'm trying to learn, but I've only done a few things and knew that working with Jersey fabric may be difficult because of the stretch. But hey, it would be a learning experience. Right? 

$2.50 and 20 minutes later...here's what I came up with..

Pretty close, huh? 

And there it is unfolded. 
Did you see my cute little broach? 

It belonged to my Great-Grandmother.
My mom let me wear it for a dressing-up occasion of some kind. 
(I guess you should let me know if you want it back, Mom! hehe)

I'm super happy with my creation. I think I'm getting better! Can't wait to try something more challenging! But for now, I'm working on some Thanksgiving napkins and such!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. I love your scarf! I you have inspired me to make my own. That pin is beautiful! You are so lucky to have it!

  2. Very pretty! That pin is gorgeous! I recently got some pins that were my grandmothers and great aunt so I just may have to make one of these too!

    Thanks so much for linking up this and for your yummy looking popcorn to my party! Much appreciated! :)

  3. Love it! I have made a few scarfs myself recently. I am trying all different fabrics trying to find the one I love the best. Good job!

  4. Wow, I got that scarf for a gift last year and couldn't picture how to wear it. It looks so pretty with your red hair! I just might try it again now that I've seen the 'how to' so to speak. I'm going to follow your blog, hope you'll stop by mine and maybe follow mine too :)


  5. Turned out FANTASTIC, simply love it. Now the jersey should be no problem, but a beauty broach like that, will be a challenge, I think. Never tried finding one on the cheap, lol. Yours turned out so great, I want one too. Hey if you get a chance, come share this beauty at **Amaze me August** I would really love to have you. Thanks so much. Bella :)

  6. Sweet! What a beautiful alternative to crocheting and knitting! Love the teal color with the silver brooch, most beautiful on you. Thanks for the tip!

  7. So cute! I love it more than the original. I'm bookmarking this to make one for myself. :)

  8. I saw your project over at FrouFrouDecor--it looks great. I also saw this at NY&Co (one of my favorite stores) a few weeks ago and had the same thoughts as you. Thanks for sharing yours! I still need to do mine.

  9. It turned out really cute! Great job. I hadn't seen these...but would love one. Guess I'll have to break out my sewing machine.

  10. I've been seeing these types of scarves around blogland and I LOVE yours! The color is awesome and I haven't seen it with a brooch. I hope your mom doesn't want it back :) Please add this to my linky party www.seaminglysmitten.blogspot.com


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