Last Minute Centerpiece

Wow, this week got completely away from me! I feel like I blinked and it is Friday again! Hope everyone had an nice week! I got a quick surprise visit from my mom, talked to a friend who lives (too) far away, and developed a few recipes to share with all of you! Pretty good week, I'd say :-)

So I know I promised this yesterday, but better late than never right? 
As many of you have ready, SP and I hosted a pre-Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend. As I was putting out the chargers and place settings, it struck me that I forgot a centerpiece! How could I forget something like that?! It was about 30 minutes before our guests were scheduled to arrive, so I had to move fast. I know this is super simple, but it looked cute on the table, and truthfully, there ended up being so much going on that it was kind of nice to have a simple centerpiece. Plus, it was made from things I had around the house...so it was free! Sweet! 

There are those adorable facorns again! Love them!

 I think this one was my favorite, I'm not sure why. I ran out of ideas by this point and tossed a curly willow ball to the cat. She was throwing it around and it began to unravel. Bingo. I pressed some of the loose pieces in, added some random fall pick from the craft store..and there you have it.

So that's it. Cute enough, right? It worked...and maybe next time I will actually remember to make one ahead of time! hehe

And now for a Moment of Thanks...

Today I was feeling thankful for a few things...

1) Pumpkin Spice Creamer. Mmmm. Not as good as Panera's, but definitely cheaper.

2) My hubby's family. 

Now this is just a few of them, but they are awesome. We haven't seen them in a while now, so hopefully we will soon. This photo was taken during our rehearsal dinner, so it was nice to have some extended family time! Gma and Gpa are hosting Thanksgiving this year, but unfortunately, it's a little too far for us to travel for a long weekend. We will definitely miss them! 

3) Since I forgot to add my "thankful" section on Tuesday, I'll give a bonus answer today...tonight I am super thankful for Community. 
Have you seen this show? It's our new favorite. Watch it from episode 1, you won't be sorry. It's so funny, though not always child-friendly. So, beware.

Anyway, Happy Friday everyone!

Come back soon


  1. Love the look! Your "mix' of stuff blends together great.

  2. Cute stuff! And I love Community. I'm a total Annie, but Abed is my favorite.


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