Better late than never.

I cannot believe it has taken me 2 months to introduce the new man in my life. Life has been crazy. We've been adjusting to a new (not) sleeping schedule, visiting with friends and family, vacations, weddings, friends' babies, Pete going back to work, and just simply ignoring all other responsibilities to stare at this face for hours a day.

I am overjoyed to welcome Benjamin into our little family. Life has never had more meaning. More excitement. More worth. He is everything I've ever dreamed and hoped for and I'm so wildly blessed to call him mine. Well, ours. And Pete's when he needs to be changed ;) hehe

Benny joined our family June 15, 2012 at 6:08pm. He weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 12oz...and yes, we had a natural birth. Seems to be the first question people ask. haha I've had many pats on the back and "you brave girl" looks. haha

While the delivery was fairly quick, all things considered, it was definitely not easy. There were moments I truly feared having to walk away without my son, but my doctor is AMAZING and he managed to keep us both safe and make us a family. My recovery was difficult, it took me 2 weeks to be able to walk around the house on my own without being in immense pain. It was frustrating to have this perfect little bundle and not be able to care for him the way I wanted to. But we have a wonderful support system and I didn't have to worry about a thing. I would just sit in my chair and stare in wonder at this perfect little life in my arms. I don't think I looked at him once in his first month of life without tears coming to my eyes. I just can't believe he's finally here. I'd do it all again in an instant. No question.

We are so in love. It's only been two months since that first car ride home, but feels like he's been here forever...in a good way. He just slipped into our lives and fit in perfectly. It has taken some time learning how to be social again. I can't honestly say I'm there yet. But we're working on it. 

I won't be adding too many updates to Wingledings about Ben, but if you'd like you can follow along on our baby blog...I will add the link soon, it's not quite ready. Soon though. Promise.

I'm happy to be back to blogging...though I'm sure I won't have nearly the same amount of time to devote to Wingledings. I just need to get better at writing/editing quickly. 

Slap that on the "to-do" list ;) 

Sweet, sleepy baby Ben. We are so happy to know you.


  1. He is soo handsome!! Congrats to yall!! Our little girl was bone on June 8th and we are still adjusting to the social part of life. It comes with time... I hope! :)

    1. Congratulations! I hope so too! I feel like we're getting there...sloooowwwlly! :)


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