Every girl needs a cape

For Easter (Yes, that's how late this post is) I made my cousin's little girl a cape. Avery had been wearing her blanket around her neck as a cape for some time, so her mom asked me to see what I could come up with. I don't have much sewing experience, but I welcomed the practice! I think it came out pretty darn cute! 

I basically just drew out a pattern, almost a tear drop shape, and sewed it together like a pillow. I did add piping...something I had never used before. I think it added a nice detail! I also love using quick release velcro on the ties, you know, for safety and all. The "A" is made from a piece of felt, I just hot glued that on so you wouldn't see stitching on the other side.

Unfortunately, you cannot see it in any of these photos, but I put these sweet little gems on the ties around the neck. They were just so adorable! I couldn't resist. Ave is the girliest girlie girl. (Though her mommy doesn't know where she came from!) I LOVE it. So obviously, bling was a must. You can also see some bling on the "A." The ruffle was an after thought, but a pretty good one I think! I was trying to find a way to cover the stitching from the ties and the ruffle was perfect! I used three different kinds of ribbon, layered on top of one another to create it. Again, just hot glue here with a few hand stitches to make sure it was strong enough.

I think the big girls liked it too. hehe I had my pick of models that day.

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